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Advanced Smartwatch

✔ Larger and better quality display screen for enhanced visibility and ease of use.
Improved health sensors for better accuracy and more detailed data tracking.
Longer battery life for extended usage time between charges.
✔ Ability to use AI assistant for more seamless integration with your smart home and other connected devices.
Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for faster and more reliable data transfer.
✔ Upgraded CPU for faster processing speeds and smoother overall performance.

Vital Health Monitoring

SmartPulse Watch offers continuous heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, and blood pressure monitoring.

With hardware and algorithm upgrades, it provides 24-hour heart rate monitoring to understand heart rate changes and become familiar with your heart rate over time.

Additionally, it features a professional optical blood oxygen sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation anywhere, along with continuous blood pressure monitoring to easily track blood pressure data throughout the day and understand your body's state at any time

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Sleep monitoring and scientific understanding of sleep status

Recording sleep conditions at different sleep stages helps improve sleep habits and achieve better sleep quality.


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Fast shipping and easy returns


Where is my order?

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your order, please click HERE

Where can i download the app?

You can find a QR code in the user manual.

Or You can search for DaFit App in your Google Play Store or Apple Store.

SmartPulse Watch works with my smartphone?

SmartPulse Watch works on any Android with 5.0+ version and iOS with 9.0+

Can I replace the watch band?

You can replace with any of our Original Watch Bands.

You can also use any standard 22mm / 0.86" third party band.

How can I change the date and time?

Date and time will be automatically updated once the SmartPulse Watch was paired with the app through Bluetooth.

What is included ?

1x SmartPulse Watch

1x SmartPulse Charger

What is your refund policy?

You can check it in the footer link. Please ensure that you use a charger with an electric current under 2A when charging the smartwatch. Using a charger with a higher electric current may cause damage to the device. As this is the responsibility of the customer, we do not take liability for any damage caused by improper charger usage.

Do I need a mobile phone for the watch to work?

Yes, pairing the watch with a mobile phone is necessary for correct functioning.

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